The official package of resolutions for the 2011 Conference of Delegates is available at the link below. This year, all resolutions are provided in a single, PDF file that contains all 12 series of resolutions, along with Resolutions Committee recommendations, recommendations of other bar organizations, and counterarguments.

Delegations are reminded that the deadline for submitting positions for the spreadsheet is August 26.

Once you have downloaded the PDF file, please note that you can easily navigate from series to series using the bookmarks that have been built into the document.

Click on the link below to view document in your browser. Right-click and choose “save as” to save the PDF document to your system.

NEW! ELF-1-2011(Emergency Late Filed resolution)

NEW! ELF-2-2011 (Emergency Late Filed resolution)

NEW! ELF-3-2011 (Emergency Late Filed resolution)

Note: The Board of Directors will consider whether to permit the filing and consideration of emergency late filed resolutions at the board meeting on 9/15/2011. Any delegate or delegation may submit a counterargument to prior to noon on 9/15/2011.

2011 CCBA Resolutions – Official Version, Single PDF file with series bookmarks (3.4 mb)

(Updated file, reflects requested withdrawal of Res. 1-5-11 and 10-1-11. Withdrawal of resolutions is subject to delegation objections at the Conference under Art. IV, Sec. 18 of the Conference Rules.)

An unofficial version of the resolutions divided into separate PDF files by series is now available below.

[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/A”]

Thanks to LACBA delegate Michael Fern for providing the unofficial PDFs by series.

For those who wish to access the archive of individual resolution files, or resolutions by series without Resolutions Committee recommendations or other reports, you should access the 2011 Resolutions Archive