The resolutions below are provided for archival purposes and are as submitted by Delegations and individual delegates for the 2011 Conference. These resolutions do not include Resolutions Committee recommendations, other recommendations, or counterarguments. Delegates should refer to the final resolutions file for working materials for the Conference.

Resolutions are available individually, in groups by series, and as a single batch. All files are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing. (Right-click links to download files, clicking on link will open files in browser for viewing.)

All Series Combined

Series 1 – Probate
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Series 2 – Civil Procedure I
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Series 3 – Criminal/Vehicle I
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Series 4 – Corporations/Insurance
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/4″]

Series 5 – Constitutional Law
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/5″]

Series 6 – Real Property
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/6″]

Series 7 – Civil Procedure II
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/7″]

Series 8 – Labor
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/8″]

Series 9 – Courts/Rules of Court
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/9″]

Series 10 – Miscellaneous
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/10″]

Series 11 – Criminal/Vehicle II
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/11″]

Series 12 – Family
[listyofiles folder=”wp-content/Resolutions/2011/12″]