Delegates – Call-ups for resolutions to be debated at this year’s Conference should be sent to the attention of Conference Operations at: .   A “Position and Call Ups Spreadsheet Template” that delegations to use to submit call-ups can be found here: .

Because of the hybrid nature of this year’s Conference, and so we can make those attending virtually aware in advance of the resolutions being called-up for debate, please make every effort to submit your call-ups by Friday, September 9.

A call-up should include if it is for limited or full debate, and if the person making the call-up intends to propose an amendment.  However, unless there is a proposed amendment, a resolution should not be called-up if the position being taken is the same as that recommended by ResCom (i.e., if you are in favor of the resolution, and the ResCom recommendation is to approve in principle, then you would not need to call-up the resolution for debate).