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It is our goal to have fun and productive Conference this year.  We know COVID-19 has impacted us all, but the work of CCBA is important and will continue.  As explained in our May 8, update, CCBA will hold a one-day virtual Conference on September 26, 2020.  CLA followed our example and is also hosting a virtual 2020 summit. We had substantial success advancing our legislative agenda this year, and we will do so again next year.

Because the Conference will last only one day there will be live debate on a very limited number of resolutions.  Thus much of the debate, caucusing, and amendments between the delegations that normally takes place on the Conference floor must be achieved in the weeks and months beforehand.  The calendar above has the deadlines and new procedures that will allow the
debates to take place in a meaningful way.  These deadlines and procedures are for this year only.

Amendments must be posted before the Conference, and this year only delegations may, and are encouraged to, submit written arguments in support of resolutions before the Conference.  Call ups and new amendments not submitted before the Conference will NOT be considered on the day of the Conference.

In the weeks leading up to the Conference, we will also approach authors and delegations regarding call ups and withdrawals so as to manage the limited time of our Conference.  Such requests are routine procedure and not unique to a virtual Conference.  The written support and opposition from delegations will help guide and determine debated resolutions at the conference.

Our format may be altered this year, but our purpose and commitment to CCBA’s mission of justice through laws remains the same.  We look to you for your continued support, and understanding.  We cannot wait to see you all at our September 26 virtual Conference, and in person at our 2021 Conference in Monterey!

Jeff Lacy,
CCBA Chair 2020