2020 Conference (Virtual)

John Van de Kamp Award Ming Chin, California Supreme Court Justice

2019 Conference (Monterey)

John Van de Kamp Award Gavin Newsom, Governor
James Pfeiffer Award Jeff Bleich, former State Bar President
Friend of the Conference Ann Ravel

2018 Conference (San Diego)

John Van de Kamp Award Tani Cantil-Sakauye, Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court
James Pfeiffer Award Toni Atkins, Senate President Pro Tempore
Friend of the Conference Lilys McCoy, former CCBA Chair

2017 Conference (Sacramento)

John Van de Kamp Award Xavier Becerra, Attorney General
James Pfeiffer Award Gerry and Marc Sallus & Lawrence and Andi Liebenbaum
Friend of the Conference Michele Bissada
Legislator of the Year Mark Stone

2016 Conference (San Diego)

 James Pfeiffer Award Diane E. Wasznicky, fomrmer CCBA Chair & Mary V.J. Cataldo
Legislator of the Year Brian Maienschein, Assemblymember

2015 Conference (Anaheim)

 James Pfeiffer Award Andrea Carlisle
Outstanding Service Award Larry Doyle

2014 Conference (San Diego) [Ceremony in Los Angeles]

 James Pfeiffer Award Jo-Ann W. Grace
Friend of the Conference Mike Feuer, City Attorney of Los Angeles

James Pfeiffer Award

This award honors Jim Pfeiffer, a man of vision and community service whose personal and professional life was dedicated to giving back and making a difference. Jim committed his entire nonprofit fundraising career to supporting and creating programs which invested in youth, equal access, and social justice.

He worked tirelessly to develop a philanthropic mission and to implement giving programs for law students, legal services and the improvement of justice for all Californians, until his early retirement due to Parkinson’s disease. This award is given to an attorney who embodies these ideals.

Friend of the Conference Award

This award is granted to a person who embodies the spirit of our organization in furthering Justice Through Laws to the People of California and through support of our organization.

John Van de Kamp “Justice Through Laws” Award

John Van de Kamp was a towering political figure who, as former Governor Jerry Brown said, “understood the higher calling of public service.” John served as acting United States Attorney, then chief assistant U.S. attorney, until he was named deputy director of the office of U.S. Attorneys in the Justice Department. In 1971, he became the first federal public defender in Los Angeles. He was later appointed district attorney in Los Angeles, and was subsequently elected twice to the position. He later served two terms as California’s State Attorney General.

Always a man of principle, as Washington eased enforcement of civil rights, Van de Kamp’s deputies challenged boys’ clubs that refused to admit girls and male-only business clubs that blackballed women. He created special units to handle child abuse, sexual assault, and police shootings.

The John Van de Kamp “Justice Through Laws” Award recognizes those public officials and private citizens who follow John’s example of fighting for the rights of Californians.