In 2018, the CCBA was involved in 44 pieces of legislation as sponsor, source, co-sponsor or supporter. The Governor having completed his deliberations, the overall tally for CCBA bills came to 24 bills signed into law, three vetoed, and17 that perished earlier in the legislative process. The 24 bills signed into law is the most the Conference has seen since its creation as part of the State Bar in the 1930’s.

The CCBA experienced its greatest success with the bills that we were most involved in shepherding through the legislative process as sponsor, source or primary co-sponsor. Of those 19 bills, 12 were signed into law. Two of our sponsored bills were vetoed and five died during the legislative process – though one of those can be considered a victory because we convinced the target agency, the Franchise Tax Board, to make important procedural changes administratively, mooting the need for the bill.

Of the 23 bills the CCBA supported, 12 were signed into law and one was vetoed, with the remainder stalling at one point or another during the legislative process.

The CCBA’s 2018 Legislative Program can be viewed at: